Tripple Bucket Mop Wringer Trolley

Tripple Bucket Mop Wringer Trolley
Product Code: GR-809
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Triple Bucket Mop Wringer System

New cleaning needs new age advancements. The triple bucket wringer trolley with advance features and product enhancements is the perfect solution for all your cleaning requirements. Be it a large business complex, a multiplex, shopping malls, market place, hospitals, schools, or your home, the triple bucket with extra storage capacity is always handy to separate clean water from the dirt and stone. Manufactured with high grade materials, the triple bucket mop winger system is sure to provide three buckets, one for clean water, second for dirty water and another one for carrying cleaning chemicals and tools. The high-quality materials used in manufacturing the product is sure to provide you with long lasting experience and more durability, making it one of the most soughed after mop bucket wringer product in the market.

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