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Urinal Screen

Urinal Screen

The urinal screens are effective way to keep the sanitation area clean, hygienic and provide fresh scent behind which lasts for a long time. Urinal screen also helps in the prevention of bacterial flow and help to eliminate the odors, blockage and unnecessary scaling in urinals. Our array of urinal screen products is quite flexible and is designed to fit into any urinal. Anti-splash screen makes it user friendly, it walso does not allow body parts, chewing gum, cigarettes, wrappers or any other refuse to go inside the pipeline. Our products are environment Friendly and NO VOC. Our Latest PEE SCREEN keeps the Urinal Smell free for up to 45 days

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Fragranced Urinal Screen
Urinal Deodorizer Screen: It is strong fragrance urinal screen, designed for male washrooms. De..
Based on 2 reviews.
Odour Free Urinal Pee Screen
We talk about cleanliness and better hygiene control, but in reality do we really keep a check on ou..
Based on 3 reviews.
Urinal Bio Cube Refill
Bio Cube refill a product which is used in saving water in gents urinals. this can be used with a sc..
Water Saving Bio Blocks
Water Saving Bio Blocks: Bio Blocks have been especially formulated by using selected strains of bac..
Based on 1 reviews.
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