Female Sanitary Napkin Bin 21L

Female Sanitary Napkin Bin 21L
Female Sanitary Napkin Bin 21L
Product Code: GR-766
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Female Sanitary Napkin Bin 21L: Green Revolution is the leading manufacturer of the indigenous Feminine Sanitary Bin product, which is normally molded by plastic injection technology. With 21 liters of capacity, the sanitary napkin bin is the perfect place to dispose all the unwanted napkin wastes. The design, quality and looks are made in such a way that it provides the utmost usage together with a better feel.

Technical Specification
Product Name Female Sanitary Napkin Bin 21L
Size D420 x W180 x H 480mm
Colour White bin & Flap: Blue / Grey / White
Material PP/CP
Product Code GR-766
Applications Female Washrooms
Others Inbuilt antibacterial properties, Foot Pedal Operation, Easy to Operate, Slim Design, ABS Flap

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