Antimicrobial Sanitary Bin Liners

Antimicrobial Sanitary Bin Liners
Product Code: GR-777
Availability: In Stock

Antimicrobial Sanitary Bin Liners: Available in various colors, the antimicrobial sanitary bin liners are nowadays very famous and are highly used in business and office environments. The antimicrobial sanitary bin liners also helps to keep the area clean and hygiene by providing the anti-bacterial effect to the unwanted wastes and disinfectants and thereby evading the bad smell and embarrassment.

Technical Specification
Product Name Antimicrobial Sanitary Bin Liners-
Colour Black & Green
Product Code GR-777
Applications Feminine Sanitary bins
Others completely antimicrobial & biodegradable Colors can be customized now with Lemon Fragrance also

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