Automatic Feminine Hygiene Bin

Automatic Feminine Hygiene Bin
Automatic Feminine Hygiene Bin
Product Code: GR-866
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Automatic Sanitary Napkin disposal bin is a new demand of sanitary waste bin market, Green Revolution has reach to onee more milestone by producing touch free sanitary napkin disposal bin which is 100% made in India. its becomes once again the first ever manufacture of India by producing such a wonderful product. Unit comes with a V Flap which makes the bin so hygienic even in open mode you cant see inside the bin. the Unit is completely antibacterial with 99% bacteria kiing ratio.Unit comes with ABS Flap, it works with 4 C Type Battery. It can wall hanging with its wal hanging accesories and also can be floor mounted. it is make in such a way where it is easy to install and easy to maintain by housekeeping staff. Out unit can be placed inside any type of cubical due to its sleek and innovative design..

Technical Specification
Product Name Automatic Feminine Hygiene bin 14 Liter
Size 14 Liters
Colour White / Blue / Grey
Material Plastic / ABS
Product Code GR-866
Applications Female Washrooms
Others Touch free automatic sanitary bin works with 4 C Type battery, long lasting battery life,

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