Automatic Sanitary Bin 23L

Automatic Sanitary Bin 23L
Product Code: GR-966
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Automatic Sensor Device for your Feminine Hygiene Bins

Disposing the feminine sanitary wastes is a very sensitive issue in today’s environment and needs your special attention, especially if you are in office or business premises. For better cleanliness and hygiene, proper disposal of sanitary wastes is quite necessary as it helps to keep the bacteria and insects away thereby making the environment clean and pleasant. Available in various sizes, colours, designs, the feminine sanitary waste bin units are designed to meet all your needs.

Over the years, Feminine Hygiene Bins has been the best and most hygienic service for you. It helps to dispose the unnecessary waste quite easily without much of effort and time, thereby keeping the environment safe and clean. Nowadays the feminine sanitary waste bins are designed to provide better looks, convenient feature and ultimate ease of use and this is exactly why the need for feminine sanitary waste bins are growing day by day especially in the hospitals, offices, hotels, and in your workspace.


With the advent of new technology, we see a lot of development and happening around the sanitary bins and disposal products and one of the latest things to happen in the feminine sanitary hygiene bins is the development of automatic sensor functionality device that detects the usage and the service of the sanitary bins at different stages: 85% and 100% normally.


The no touch feminine hygiene unit is the perfect fit for all your daily needs. The easy disposal and better safety measures keeps the environment free from all sort of germs, odours and diseases, thereby providing the peace of mind.  And with the implementation of the automatic sensor functionality device, you can be rest assured that the disposal task would be carried out more easily and safely without much of fuss and worry.


The high quality automatic functionality feminine hygiene bins delivers extra protection against germs and odours, including:


  • Highly effective sanitiser that last long to kill almost 99.99% bacteria
  • Liners that are made to provide better usage, thereby ensuring that the bin capacity is fully used
  • Scented liners to provide better fragrance and cut the odours from the environment
  • Plastic degradable by 90% within six months


And the automatic device that tracks the service for the sanitary bins stage wise acts as a best solution in today’s environment as it is exceptionally comfortable to use – all you need is to have the counting sensor in your bins and it gives you the indication at various stage by sending messages time to time in your registered mobile. Also, with the feminine sanitary bins counting sensor device, you can be rest assured that the disposal process happen more easily and when required. The devices are passed through various stages and processes to meet the environmental and sanitary standards thereby giving you accurate indication as to when you need to change or replace.


At Green Revolution, one of the largest manufacturer and supplier of sanitary products, you will be amazed to find the array of sanitary products that has the best of quality, better value, persistent look and total customer satisfaction. Initially it started with just a wheelie bins, but today it has accumulated a wide collection of sanitary products including the Feminine Hygiene Bin, Disposable glass bins, Urinal pee screen, Medical bins, Pedal Bins, Recycle Bins, Urinal Screen, Automatic sanitary bin etc.


Green Revolution is the first ever manufacturer of indigenous Automatic antibacterial Feminine Hygiene Bin. At Green Revolution, we understand the necessary for a proper disposal unit to keep the area clean and free from odour and bacteria and that is why the sensor devices are created to be used wherever required. The units are equipped with antibacterial properties with 99% bacteria killing ratio. We make sure that while providing the best of options, we also meet the below criteria:


  • Provide high standard units thoroughly clean and sanitise
  • Discreet regular on-site servicing as per the standards
  • High quality products that provides extra layer protection against all forms of germs and provide a pleasant feel in the society by reducing the odours
  • Highly effective and long lasting sanitiser that kills 99.9% of germs
  • Top quality liners that are tear-resistant and provides a lasting experience
  • Degradable environmentally standards plastic within 6 months


At Green Revolution, we create the products based on the need of the consumers and accordingly categorizes them in several processes to make it safe, discreet, easy to use, and hygienic thereby assuring complete feminine sanitary solutions. The automatic feminine hygiene bins are built in antibacterial technology that provides the ultimate solution as far as quality is concerned and prevents the spread of germs and bacteria. The primary key indicators for success are outlined below:

Process: The device helps to keep the track of the sanitary bin usage and service at the stage of 85% usage and 100% usage. Upon 85% usage, it sends a message that the hygiene bin is exceeded by 85%, kindly call for the service and once it gets 100% full, it automatically stops functioning and no further processing is available, till the time we call for a service and reset button is pressed.

Design: The units are designed specifically to enhance the sanitary product for better and timely use thereby providing utmost hygiene and making the cleaning easier.

Quality & Protection: The product is passed through various phases before being promoted in the market and meets all the environmental standards as per the Environmental and Govt. norms. Also, the antibacterial technology helps to prevent all forms of germs and disinfectants and is tested to give a long-life guarantee.

Service: The product is safe, sensitive and provides the user with better checking options at multiple levels. The service personnel is always there for an on-site visit time and again and make the changes for proper functioning whenever required.

Reduces dependency: The sensor device also reduces the dependency on any family member or employee in the organization, thereby reducing any changes of illness and minimises the risk of slips, trips and falls in compliance with health and sanitary standards.

For better and proper functioning, timely checks and replacement of the sensor units is pre-requite and this is exactly why we give special focus on on-site service team. Our team comprises of best personnel that are equipped with product knowledge and experience and is always ready to deliver the best of service and guidance whenever required together with providing the efficient methods to safely dispose the sanitary wastes. They will also help you understand the purpose of the sensor device and how it protects the feminine hygiene units against damages, scrapes and scratches.

Available in various finishes, the sensor device is one of the most soughed after device in the hospitals, offices, residential and business areas as it helps track the usage of feminine bins at every intervals and calls for the replacement or service just at the right time. The product is quite reliable, ergonomically designed to provide better use and comfortability. The hygiene standards and antibacterial technology helps to keep the feminine hygiene bins free from all sort of germs and bacteria and acts as a quick remedy and alarm for long-lasting experience of the feminine hygiene bins.

So keep all your worry aside and try out the automatic sensor device to track the progress of your feminine hygiene bins just when it is about to complete as your sanitation needs special attention. And who else can better guide you in the process: it is you who will monitor the change and call the on-site expert team for a change or replacement.

Technical Specification
Product Name Feminine Sanitary Bin
Size D440 x W 155 x H 550 mm
Capacity 23 Liters
Colour White, Grey, Blue or can be customized
Product Code GR-966
Applications Female Washrooms of Corporate offices, Malls, Hospitals, Industries
Others Inbuilt Foot Pedal System & Automatic Injection Molded Brand : Green Revolution With completely Antibacterial Properties

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