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Green Revolution has reached to one more land mark with its innovatie and stylish design of the latest launch of HRT Dispenser. our hand towel dispenser is 100% made in India. Our Dispenser is made of heavy duty polymers which is long lasting. with made in India HRT Dispenser the availability of product is easier and price also very low if we compare with other imported products. Green Revolution has produced variosu kind of washroom dispensers in variosu sizes and shapes with keeping in mind that it shoudl match the interior and esthetics


The Hygiene Roll Towel Dispenser also known as HRT dispenser, is one of the highest capacity hand towel system, commonly used these days especially in our day to day environment is designed with innovative internal dispensing modules to provide ultimate solutions to the users. The high-capacity dispenser holds good number of towels and provides easy movement. Available in various designs, the HRT dispenser helps to keep high hygiene in the environment together with low maintenance and thereby cutting unnecessary costs to maintain cleanliness and sanitation.

Today the Hygiene Roll Towel Dispenser do more than look attractive and stylish. Not only they provide the high capacity and durability but are designed specifically to suit your daily requirements. The effortless product is made to reduce bacteria thereby promoting better hand hygiene. Be it your office, malls, theatres, corporations, hospitals or house, HRT has been in urgent demand for improved sanitation and easy maintenance. The HRT dispensers are available in various sizes and configuration and provides dispensers available in mechanical or electronic flexible capacity as per the requirements and needs.

Features like adjustable sensitivity, indicator light, time delay switch all adds to the modern advancements that the product provides. Also, with such a configuration, the Hygiene Roll Towel is sure to provide the benefits user is looking forward to and improve your overall productivity, control costs, and enhance hygiene. Today the product is so popular around the globe and has seen an upward demand in the production, simply because of its ability to remove the chances of germs which we see normally because of physically touching objects such as door knobs or hand rails. The motion sensor installed in the system can also help to detect whenever any motion is around the range. Since it also keeps the wastes away by providing what you need, this is ever since became one of the popular in its space. Moreover, it is so easy to replace the recycled paper towels that you can easily get it done whenever required and is easily available in all the nearby stores and online market. If you are serious about germ free environment and want to keep your area clean, then Hygiene Roll Towel Dispenser is something that needs to be installed this very moment. The process of installing and replacing is one of the easiest process and needs no labor at all.

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