Hospital Dustbins with Frame

Hospital Dustbins with Frame
Product Code: GR-765 Frame
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Hospital Dustbins with Frame: Green Revolution, an India based dustbin manufacturing company, came with the concept of hospital dustbins with frame in order to have a better hygienic principal in the hospitals arena. The dustbins with frames help to keep the garbage and waste in the bins separately and thereby keeps the remaining area clean and more hygienic. Since hospital is an area, where there is a breed for various diseases, so a proper sanitation level for all wastes is quite a pre-requisite and having the bins in a separate section with frames is a step towards more cleanliness and hygienic policies. Moreover the multicolor dustbins help to look the area beautiful and clean.

Technical Specification
Product Name Hospital Dustbin with Frame
Capacity 55 Litters Each bin
Colour Green, Red, Blue, Black, Yellow
Material Dustbins Plastic & Frame MS / SS
Product Code GR-765 Frame
Applications Hospital, Nursing home, Medical College, Dispensary, Clinic
Others Set of 2, 3, 4, 5 also can be made according to customers requirement.

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