Wheeled Pedal bin 120L

Wheeled Pedal bin 120L
Wheeled Pedal bin 120L
Product Code: GR-727
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Wheeled Pedal Bin 120L:  Green Revolution came with the concept of 120 liters of wheeled pedal bins to store the garbage easily in the container with a simple push from foot and also to move the garbage easily from one place to another through the wheel facility attached in the dustbins. These types of dustbins are generally seen in the hospitals, big malls, hotels, restaurants, corporate offices and in Government agencies where maximum wastes has to be collected and also need to be dispose off quite frequently. Available in suitable colors, designs and looks, the wheeled pedal bin with 120 liters is quite durable and easily resistant. 

Technical Specification
Product Name Wheeled Pedal Bin 120L
Size D480 x W 550 x H 940mm
Colour Red, Blue, Black, Green, Yellow
Material HDPE
Product Code GR-727
Applications Corporate Offices, Hotels, Kitchen, Malls Hospitals, Residential, Industries Factories, Institutes, Railways, Airports,
Others Injection Moulded Self lock rubber wheels EN840 Standards UV/ Color Resistant

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