Foot Operated Pedal Dustbin 50 Litres

Foot Operated Pedal Dustbin 50 Litres
Product Code: GR-914
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Foot Operated Pedal Dustbin 50 Liters: The ‘Foot Operated Pedal Dustbin with 50 liters’ is very common these days especially in the house and office premises as they have the pedal based functionality which helps to keep the wastes in the container with a single foot push. The pedal dustbin is easy to operate and is less troublesome. Also it helps to keep the garbage and wastage in a common space and once filled dispose it easily without much of time and effort. Available in various colors and designs, the foot operated dustbins are also used for sanitation purpose as it does not require the touch of hand to open the lid.

Technical Specification
Product Name Foot Operated Pedal Dustbin 45L
Size D440 x W280x H550mm
Colour Green, Red, Yellow, Blue, Black
Shape Square
Material Plastic
Product Code GR-914
Applications Hospital, Hotels, Kitchen, Corporate offices, Cafeteria, Residential, Institutes, Railways, Airports, Industries, Factories
Others UV/ Color Resistant

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