Color Coded Recycle bin 72L

Color Coded Recycle bin 72L
Product Code: GR-716
Availability: In Stock

Color Coded Recycle bin 72L: The color coded recycle bin with 72 liters of capacity is the perfect container to store maximum wastes in the house, office, hospitals and in the malls, where the garbage is accumulated in large. These types of containers are light and can easily be handled. Also, the designs and color coded plastic fabrication makes this product quite acceptable for your daily purpose. 

Technical Specification
Product Name Color Coded Recycle Bin 72L
Size D330 x H780mm
Colour Green, Red, Blue, Yellow, Grey
Shape Round
Material GR-716
Product Code GR-716
Applications Malls, Corporate Offices, Hotels, Kitchen, Hospitals, Residential, Industries Factories, Institutes, Railways, Airports, Garden, Park, Parking Area, Roadside, Domestic
Others Customization can be done in terms of colors, font, matter, language, logo etc

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