Stainless Steel Duo

Stainless Steel Duo
Product Code: GR-815
Availability: In Stock

The Recycle Containers Steel are mostly seen in big corporations, shopping malls, colleges and universities and are said to be the most cost effective, attractive and designable recycle containers which helps in better disposing of unwanted materials and providing a better solution to all recycle elements. Be it any specific event or multinational corporation, the recycle containers steel can help in removing & segregating the wastes and make the environment more effective and hygienic. Also the custom color coded designs and steel finish layout help in making the product more attractive and easily manageable from every corner.

Technical Specification
Product Name Color Coded Recycle Twin Bin
Size Available in 40L& 60L
Capacity with inner bucket of plastic in various colors in 40L & 60L each
Material SS 304 Grade Steel
Product Code GR-815

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