Sharp Container 3L

Sharp Container 3L
Product Code: GR-912-3L
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Accpording to FDA, used needle, Syringes and other sharps objects has to be placed in a proper sharps disposal container. The Container should be made of Rigid plastic. it must be closed with a tight fitting, puncture proof, leak proof and there should be an indication mark on the conatiner as when is going to be full. it shoudl be labbled properly that hazardous waste is inside. Green Revolution has come up with one more range of hospital waste disposal and now it is  Medical sharp waste containers. in various sizes and shapes are available with us. We have recently started manufacturing of punture proof sharp conatiners in 1 liter , 3 Liter and 5 Liters sizes in various colour options according to your country color coding. our products are made of best quality raw materials and highly durable. our sharp conatiners are superb in quality. with our containers in becomes a safe disposal of sharp objects and environment freindly. the locking system is so solid where opening of container is very difficult hence cant be reused.


ISO 23907 Approved

Technical Specification
Product Name Puncture proof sharp container 3L
Size D165 x W 165 x H160mm
Capacity 3 Liter
Colour Transparent White , Yellow, Red, Purple, Orange and can be customised
Applications Hospital, Clinics, Nursing Home,
Others ISO 23907 Approved Sharp Container

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