Fragranced Urinal Screen

Fragranced Urinal Screen
Fragranced Urinal Screen Fragranced Urinal Screen Fragranced Urinal Screen
Product Code: GR-817
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Urinal Deodorizer Screen: It is strong fragrance urinal screen, designed for male washrooms. Deodorizer urinal screen is available in various fragrances like green apple, lemon, green grapes, sandalwood & much more. It is available in various attractive colors. These urinal screens reduces splash back & gradually releases fragrances, releases optimized bacteria that clean the urinals, prevents infections & eliminate odors.Its structure is flexible that conforms to the urinal to trap debris. You can get it at Green Revolution, a leading dustbin manufacturer company based in India.Our urinal screen is NO VOC Certified as per US EPA Standards. antisplash screen prevent splash back

Technical Specification
Product Name Urinal deodorizer Screen
Material EVA/PVC/PP
Product Code GR-817
Applications Male Washrooms
Others Patent Pending Pee Screen. Available in Various Fragrance Green Apple, Lemongrass, Green Grapes, Sandalwood Anti-splash Screen prevent splash back Available in attractive colors,

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