Water Saving Bio Blocks

Water Saving Bio Blocks
Water Saving Bio Blocks Water Saving Bio Blocks
Product Code: GR-770
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Water Saving Bio Blocks: Bio Blocks have been especially formulated by using selected strains of bacteria chosen for their ability to work in a chosen area to reduce odor problems & blockages in urinals. Each Bio Block contains powerful biological cleaning agents, which are proven to maintain clean & odor free environment. Microbes present in the bio blocks digest organic urine crystals rapidly, keeping urinal drains line running freely. We can save tons of water by using these soluble bio urinal blocks by avoiding urinal flushing. We can get this product at Green Revolution, which is a leading Indian company manufacturing all sorts of dustbins.

Technical Specification
Product Name Water Saving Bio Blocks
Size 125 grm Cube
Material Plastic Screen & Enzymatic Cube
Product Code GR-770
Applications Washroom Urinals
Others Enzymatic Cube, Patent Screen Anti-splash Screen prevent splash back Available in White / Green / Transparent white colors Saves 95% Water in Gents Urinal, 100% Safe & Hygiene Fragrances :Green Apple, Lemon, Cherry, Fresh Air Etc.

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