Odour Free Urinal Pee Screen

Odour Free Urinal Pee Screen
Product Code: GR-789
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We talk about cleanliness and better hygiene control, but in reality do we really keep a check on our drains and urinals, which is the main breed for all forms of germs and disinfectants? Urine is the waste products of our body and the waste products are always acquitted by various forms of germs. Germs which are the tiny animals are mostly seen in restrooms and takes the form of bacteria and viruses and it of utmost important to keep such germs out of our house, offices and public places. And to keep them out, we need to maintain better hygiene measures which can only be possible using urinal screens or mats in restrooms.  

The urinal screens are available in various sizes, colours and fragrances to help keep the area clean from all sorts of odours and in providing an effective means of keeping drains and urinals free flowing. The urinal screens are designed in various shapes and sizes that can shield and placed quite easily in any form to provide freshness and pleasing scent for a long time.

At Green Revolution, the leading manufacturer of waste bins & sanitary products, you will be amazed to see the innumerable collection of urinal screens: from fragranced urinal screens to odour free urinal Pee screen, urinal bio cube refill, deodorizing urinal screen, urinal V screen to water saving bio blocks and many more.

Today in our society, we see the need for proper sanitation as that can help in better control of germs and bacteria, and the best way to do so is by creating the need for user friendly fragranced urinal screens which is the best means to control germs and bacteria and a great alternative to keep the environment clean and safe.

Green Revolution produce the best quality Fragranced Urinal Screen in many sizes and designs. Our Urinal Screen fragrance last upto 50 days. Our Pee Screen comes in various fragrances like, Lemon grass, Mango, Citrus, jasmine, rose, Green Apple etc. it is made out of best quality products in best conditions to make the pee screen better than the available products in the market. Green Revolution provide the large range of designs to customer according to the size of Urinals in customer premises. Our screen comes in various colors. Our deodorising screens does not only give fragrances it gives a pleasant stay in washroom. No more bad odour now with Green Revolution Urinal screen. Our Screen Certified No VOC as per US EPA Standards 



Technical Specification
Product Name odour Free Urinal pee Screen- Antibacterial
Material PU / EVA/ PVC/PP
Product Code GR-789
Applications Gents Washroom Urinals
Others NO VOC - Certified as per USEPA Standards, Patent Pending Pee Screen, Available in Various Fragrance like Lemongrass, Green Apple, Lemon, Sandalwood Anti-splash Screen prevent splash back, Available in attractive colors

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