Urinal Bio Cube Refill

Urinal Bio Cube Refill
Product Code: GR-771
Availability: In Stock

Bio Cube refill a product which is used in saving water in gents urinals. this can be used with a screen which anti-splash back and also prevent the body parts, chqeingum to go inside the pipeline hence reduce the blcokage and keeps the washroom germs free and well as odour free. with the refill of bio cubes you do not need to change the complete screen every time, you just need to place the bio cube refill in the screen and keep using. it reduce the cost and also save the plastic which is going to be wasted in the form of waste screen.

Technical Specification
Product Name Urinal Bio Block Refill
Product Code GR-771
Applications Gents Urinal to save water and to keep the washroom odour free
Others Available in lemon & Green Apple fragrances

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