2 Wheeled Dustbins 240 Litres

2 Wheeled Dustbins 240 Litres
Product Code: GR-723
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Green Revolution provides all type of dustbins including plastic wheeled dustbins 240 litres, 2 Wheeled Dustbin is now available within very affordable cost.The 240 liters bins are designed for variety of usage like recyclables, organic waste and general waste. It can be perfectly used in the narrow space. All the materials of the dustbins are acid and corrosion resistant. So, these dustbins provide excellent longevity with keeping exact quality. Hospitals, Hotels, Malls, Industries, Airports offices, public places and kitchen are some of the suggested place to use 2 Wheeled (240 liters) Dustbins. 

Technical Specification
Product Name 2 Wheeled Dustbin 240 Liters
Size D730 x W 540 x H 1080mm
Capacity 240 Liters
Colour Green, Red, Blue, Black, Yellow
Shape Ranctagular
Material HDPE
Product Code GR-723
Applications Malls, Corporate Offices, Hotels, Kitchen, Hospitals, Residential, Industries Factories, Institutes, Railways, Airports, Garden, Park, Parking Area, Roadside, Domestic

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