Frequently Asked Questions:-


Feminine Sanitary Bins Services:

1. What is Feminine Hygiene bin Services & Why we need to opt this ?

Our feminine hygiene sanitary service gives the peace of mind and confidence that you are providing your visitors and employees with a safe, discreet, easy to use, and hygienic sanitary solution. Our touch free feminine sanitary units, with Integrated Anti-Microbial Technology, are the most hygienic solution to help prevent the spread of germs. Disposing of feminine sanitary waste is a sensitive issue. Washroom visitors can feel anxious about touching sanitary bin surfaces due to the potential harbouring of bacteria. Providing a safe and hygienic means of sanitary disposal ensures you are providing a more pleasant experience for your visitors and employees.

2. How Often you Service the Units?

We Service the Units on Monthly / Fortnightly / Weekly Basis Depending on the female ratio & users requirement.

3. What your Service team does while servicing the units?

Our Servicing team replace the Antibacterial & Scented liners, they collect the waste, placement of Disinfectants / Enzymes & they do sanitizing of units.

4. Is your Unit touch Free?

Yes our units are Foot Operated hence touch Free.

5. Can we Choose the Color options for Sanitary Bins?

Yes you can choose.

6. Can we also get the Stainless Steel Flap Sanitary Bin?

Yes we have Stainless Steel Flap available with our units. We also have Antibacterial ABS Flap in Blue / White/ Grey Colors.

7. Can you provide Services on PAN India?

Yes we do provide Services on PAN India Basis.

8.What should we do in case of filling of units before the service time.

You just need to call us on our Customer care number and you will be assisted within 24 Hours


Color Coded Waste Bins:


1. What Is this made of ?

The Color Coding Waste bins made of Stainless Steel as well as in Plastic

2. What all Sizes we can get?

We have various sizes in Steel like  31/36/44/52/61/71/86 Litres, in Plastic we have 40 /50/ 62 / 72/ 100 Litres.

3. What are the Cover Options in Color Coded bins?

We have many options like Paper Lid, Cans Lid, Swing Lid, Ashcan lid, Rim Cover Lid, Push can Lid, 2-3 Hole Lid etc.

4. What all Colors we can get?

You can get any color as per your choice.

5. What is the Minimum order quantity for This?

There is no minimum order quantity for this.

6. Do we need to make the graphics for this?

No, our speical, dedicated, Expert team will do, you just need to tell us your requirements on the bins.

7. Can we get your products on our all India locations

Yes we do supply all across India and all across the world.

8. How long it takes you to produce 100 pcs.

We just need only 2 days to produce 100 pcs




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