Paper Towel Dispenser Big

Paper Towel Dispenser Big
Product Code: GR-916B
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Today sanitation and hygiene plays an important role in our environment and to keep our place and society clean is very important. To keep the area clean from all forms of germs and diseases, Government and various environmental units are taking innumerable measures around better sanitation and germ-free environment. And it also our duty to take steps and work as a unit to help in better and clean environment. And so to make this happen, various measures has been taken especially around the sanitation and cleanliness and one of the top most product that helps in this process is a Paper Towel Dispenser. There were times, when it was only seen in Western Countries but nowadays, the usage of the paper towel dispensers has been across the Globe.

The Paper Towel Dispensers is a device created specially to dispense paper towels in public toilets. Available in variety of sizes, colours and designs, the paper towel dispensers can be operated by hand or simply automatic.

At Green Revolution, you will be amazed to find the wide collections of paper towel dispensers and these are easily accessible and used. Also, the dispensers are designed in such a way that it limits unnecessary wastage and dispense one towel at a time. The cut out view window allows you to view how many towels is left to be used and decide how many towels you need to order.

The best part of the paper towels dispensers is that it is more hygienic and helps keep the area clean.  The automated functionality helps to get the tissue or the towel quite easily without even touching the rest of the materials and thereby limits the spread of germs. Today these types of dispensers are widely used in offices, airports, shopping complex, restaurants and in public places and has been one of the most important means for green designs.

Paper Towel Dispenser you will find in almost each and every washrooms. we provide the best quality paper towel dispensers in plastic and steel options. Towel dispensers is not only for assisting the user but it also increase the efficiency of drying hands. Our unique design can contain C Fold & Multi Fold paper. 

Technical Specification
Product Name Paper Towel Dispenser Large
Size D100x W270 x H340mm
Colour White / Grey
Material ABS
Product Code GR-916B

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